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Ortega uses green chiles commonly known as Anaheim chiles, which originated in New Mexico and were introduced to southern California in 1894 by Emilio C. Ortega.

Our chiles are fire-roasted and the charred skin is removed in a water bath before the chiles are packed by hand in the cans. We try to remove as much of the charred skin as possible during the packing process; however, occasionally the chiles are folded and some skin may get into the can. It can be easily removed by rinsing the chiles under water.

We take special care in both our seed selection and growing techniques to control the heat level of our chiles. However, due to the nature of this product, occasionally some chiles will be hotter or milder than usual. To cut down on heat sensation of chiles, eat white cheese or drink milk.

Traditionally, refried beans were made from leftover red beans or pinto beans that were mashed and then fried in lard. Although we have not commercially adapted that process, we have developed a recipe that results in a product that is as good as homemade, and it’s much more convenient! Ortega Refried Beans are cooked prior to canning. The pre-cooked beans are then combined with spices and other ingredients, canned and then cooked again right inside of the can! This process ensures that the delicious flavor is locked in.

Once opened, unused shells should be stored in an airtight container and for optimum quality, used soon after opening. Storage conditions and humidity levels will affect the length of time the product is good for after opening.

After opening, refrigerate unused product as soon as possible. The unused portion may be kept refrigerated in an airtight container and for best quality and flavor, should be used within 7 to 10 days.

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